Phoenix Volunteering

When you think of Volunteering or community service hours, think of us!!

You have skill sets we can use!!

We love working with volunteers of all ages and any size group; individuals, civil groups, sorority/fraternity, parents volunteer with your kids, teachers and students, etc.

Tucson Volunteering

The 3000 Club Phoenix

1741 West Rose Garden Lane #6-9

Phoenix, AZ 85027

Tel. 623-980-7357

text: 623-980-7357

Email: nicco@the3000club.org

or 3000phoenix@gmail.com

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The 3000 Club Tucson

4515 East 22nd Street

Tucson, AZ 85711

Tel. 520-373-5256

Email: pam@the3000club.org

or 3000tucson@gmail.com

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