The 3000 Club Tucson
Directed By Pam Boyer
Her Amazing Team of Volunteers

The 3000 Club's aim to supply food and resources to communities in need. Donations are accepted and all proceeds support the non-profit organization's mission.

$10 Donation for up to 60lbs.

Market on the Move

     In October of 2010, the Market On the Move (MOM) was born. The 3000 Club partnered with churches and other non-profit organizations to host weekly events where semi-truck loads of produce were brought into the valley where a supporter can donate $10 and receive up to 60 lbs. of produce that they can share with anyone they know who are in need. By end of the winter produce in May 2014, there were more than 50 distribution sites in metro Phoenix and in Tucson with over 30 million pounds of produce have been rescued and redistributed.


     If you have any questions for the greater Tucson area, please contact us via email or call us (520)373-5256.

MOM's Corner & MOM'ers Shop for a Cause

     Nothing useful goes to a landfill is our mission statement here at The 3000 Club.  In the spirit of that we utilize every donation whether a shirt, computer, or dish.  We reach out and look for any need and share before placing any item within the's Shop.  All items within our "thrift store" are donations that are still of use to someone.  Many of these items are are donated by corporations or businesses that are just open boxed or returns that unable to be repackaged or sold retail.  We offer these items within the's Shop as a means to offset the cost of operations for a monetary donation.

     With a partnership, you are not only supporting our mission, you have access to special merchandise with discounts off the donation price.

     If you have any questions for the greater Tucson area, please contact us via email or call us (520)373-5256.

     Currently at this time in Tucson, due to COVID our's Shop is closed with plans to reopen in the fall.

Computers for Education

     In Tucson any child 5th grade or higher and on the Arizona Free Lunch program can qualify for desktop system for a $20 fee for service.  If a webcam and/or a wifi connector is needed, a $10 fee for service for a webcam and a $5 fee for service for a wifi connector.  If a more robust system or laptop is wanted, The 3000 Club has several low-cost systems available.  System comes with Windows 10 and Libre Office suite. 

     These systems have come to us through our Charitable Community Outreach and your donations.

     If you are interested in donating or need a computer contact us via email or call us at

(520) 373-5256

Recycle Our Waste Stream

     Some items will invariable no longer be useful.  When this End of Life happens, The 3000 Club will break down the items and process them for recycle instead of simply throwing it away. Even items that have been disposed of by other organizations or charities.  For example within the Market On the Move (M.O.M.) program, we have reached at 99.2% recycle rate.  We do this through filling food banks, pantries, sharing with others, as well as feeding programs.  If it reaches too low of quality quality for human consumption, it is used for animal feed.  Once it degrades further, the excess is composted.

     This core concept is carried through-out our donation process.  With computers and electronics they are refurbished for our Computers for Education program.  Non-functional items are broken down and recycled for their materials.

     For a demonstration on the process of breaking down materials click here.

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