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Maybe these Q&A’s can answer your questions, but please feel free to ask on our Contact Us page or in the Chat box.

Q. Where can I find the current schedule for Market On the Move?
A. The new produce season usually starts up mid-November- December. When we start up, we usually assign a host site to the same Saturday in each month, through the first week of June. Start times vary with the season (heat/cold).
Of course, we’ll be continuously updating the schedule, and we are at our warehouses every Saturday year-round.
Click here--> Current MOM Schedule
Q. At times, you have such a huge variety and other less. Why?
A. You’ll hear us say “we are produce driven, driven by the market”; varieties, quality, quantity and good weather with nice rains make the growing season different every year.  In Nogales, the US second largest port with Mexico’s growing season starts up late September through the mid-July, with different fruits and veggies at different times.
For example, the height of Mexico’s tomato season usually is around late January-mid February, and continues into June where it slows down from Mexico and the US tomato production gears up. Then the US shares with Mexico!
Q. So how does Market On the Move work?  
A. Click here--> how MOM works  

Q. How can I find this week’s varieties at MOM?
A.  Sign up on the contact page, click here--> to get MOM Alerts through email OR
Phoenix: click here --> PHX MOM and look on left-side of page   or Phoenix's facebook
Tucson: click here --> TUCSON MOM and look on RIGHT-side of page oTucson's facebook

Q. You have pantry, drinks and dry goods?
A.  Yes, we do! We are rescuing these items as well! For those of you not familiar with "best used by" dates, the FDA has wonderful information on these. and the myths behind these dates. Yes, food is still good ...just follow your nose, eyes and ears! And no, not all the items are "out of date" but some might have a limited self life. Just follow your nose, eyes and ears!

Q. How can I become a partner or a supporter?
A. First of all, THANK YOU for thinking of us when you choose to donate! For more information on different partnership levels, come see us in person at our warehouses, we’ll answer any questions, give you a tour and you'll see your donation at work! Or if you're ready to sign up as a partner, you can on the website! click here--> Join Us!

Q. How to I make a donation? I want to donate to a program, how do I do that? Can I give one-time, every month or every year? Can I use my debit card? Can I use Paypal?
A. On the bottom of every page and our donation page are links, where you have almost every option, including help covering the fee to use you card. Just click your choices.  
Click the green Donate button to use your debit or credit card
Click the yellow Donate button to use your PayPal account.
Soon we'll add Apple Pay and Venmo!   
And remember, The 3000 Club is a Qualified Charitable Organization in the Great State of Arizona! 
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