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Currently, 37 million Americans are food insured, 6 million children go to bed hungry at least once a week. 1/3 of all food is wasted and ends up in our landfills. 

It seems unreal that in one of the wealthiest nations of the world, little children are still going hungry.

Our Mission:

Simply, nothing useful should end up in a landfill. Through diligent stewardship, we can redirect, repurpose, refurbish, reuse or recycle and use these resources to the betterment of our communities and our serve our under-privileged.

Our Goals:

  • To rescue 30,000,000 pounds of fresh produce from being thrown away in the landfills at Nogales, Arizona.

  • To distribute $45,000,000 worth of fresh produce to our hungry families, children, elderly and homeless throughout Arizona.

  • To provide 25,000,000 nutritious meals of fresh produce.

  • To serve 600,000 hungry families and individuals with nutritious produce.

  • To help 1,800,000 disadvantaged children.

  • To collaborate with other organizations of similar vision for actual distribution of fresh produce to recipients. 

  • To provide 10,000 Tucson/Southern Arizona's school-aged children with working computers for their educational purposes.

  • To grow and utilize volunteers, professionals, organizations with their expertise to help support our mission. 

  • To share the vision of rescuing and distribution of produce, medical supplies, computers and electronics, household goods, etc. to those in need.

  • To respond and share relief aid to those in need. 

  • To grow the mission throughout the region; nothing useful should be thrown away but utilized to help our communities and our peoples. 

Since 2008 with our staff and volunteer support, we have consistently generated the resources to accomplish our goals.

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