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We spend our days rescuing produce, dry, canned or packaged goods. It could be the time in the growing season for abundance, the overstock, over or under sized, too ripe for shipping, etc. We transport, sort and fill our coolers, then offer to share with our partners, other organizations and the public. 

For a donation of $10 in Phoenix/Tucson or $15 in Northern Arizona, you can get up to 60 pounds of fresh produce and food that you can share with your friends, families, neighbors, and the people that you know are in need of nutritional produce.

Here's how it works:  MOMs are drive-throughs so follow the signage (see maps below). Drive up and make your $10 donation per order (cash only at this time). Then pop your trunk, pull forward and we'll load your vehicle!  Limited contact for you and us! Everything is prepackaged and ready to go. If you are picking up more than one order, just let us know when you are making your donation how many orders you need. 

If you have backyard chickens, ducks, pigs, worm gardens or composting, just ask us for scraps at any of our MOM events.

Warehouse Drive-thru maps: 


Map of Tucson Warehouse Drive-Thru


phoenix drivethru 20220528.jpg
current mom map warehouse 20230706.jpg
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