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MOM alerts go out every Friday late- afternoon (after the last truck comes in)!
$10 CASH ONLY (you donate at the site - no prepaid, no presign up)


Our Team


Nicco Punzalan

Chief Executive Officer


Ethel Luzario

MOM Co-Founder 


Pamela Boyer

Executive Director


Lon Taylor

3000 & MOM Founder


Juan L.

Thank you! We've been to (*- deleted) and were disappointed with the quality and the grouchy people. MOM is so much nicer! Veggies were so crisp and can't wait until your next MOM! Thank you! 


Anonymous | 

I want to thank you all for doing this! My kids eat better, my budget now has fresh produce, and love the recipes! The MOM alert is very clever and now, all I do is open my MOM alert on Fridays! I love the drive-thru; less cooties and very efficient. The Tucson warehouse even has treats for my dog! He runs to the volunteers for his "mom" treat. Thank you! 


Joe | $400

My Christmas & Birthday wish this year is to help get as many computers as possible in Tucson. May this just be a start in helping your program in Tucson. Please us this donation for the 11 kids on your waitlist list so they may get their computers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Anonymous  | $200

My kids and grandkids have everything they need. Please allow my husband and I to pay it forward for some military families so they have food on their table for the holidays. Merry Christmas to all

Fresh Organic Vegetables

I went to your St. Rose Church Anthem location, and had a GREAT experience, the volunteers were extremely helpful. I was shocked at how much produce i was able to take home and it wasn't half of what i was offered. Thank you!

T. Yack

Today was my first day going, and i was blown away by the amount of produce i got,and the organizationof the event was amazing as well.


M. Lynn


They always have great produce! I make a trip all the way from Payson, AZ because it's such a great deal.  I do a lot of canning and dehydrating, so if you don't have a lot of money for food, this is a wonderful resource.

J. Roberts

My first time at 22nd MOM today...Awesome goodies...split with 5 families.....See ya next time.....HUGS to all your volunteers...


Barbara B

I just wanted to say how impressed we are with the beautiful boxes of food. The variety is wonderful and the food condition is good. Your volunteers are so cheerful and helpful. Keep up the good work! Thank you, Tucson MOM!

Debbie S.

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